Trumbo's Song War Tune for Memorial Day Coreys Buck Swade Vocal

Story Behind The Song

After reading Dalton Trumbo's novel, Johnny Got Your Gun....I was moved to write this song about War.

Song Description

A song about the reflection on War...........

Song Length 3:22 Genre Folk - Americana


"Trumbo's Song"
Art & Alton Corey/BMI Copyright 1973 (c)

1st Verse
War's come and gone, my friend just slipped away
I hear tell no, flowers mark his grave
Young Spencer Frailey, oh raised on spit and shine
Heard the bugles call him, left me far behind

Ain't it a shame, when all is said and down
Ain't it a shame, when a grand old war is won
Hangin' all the pictures of the soldiers dead and gone
Hopin' that the hero's eyes, won't tell us it was wrong

Do you hear the song? they're marchin' in the band
Do you hear the tune? across this mighty land
Do you hear the song? they're marchin' in the band
Do you hear the tune? Across this mighty land....

Oooooooo, Oooooooooooooo

2nd Verse
Picked up an old book, pictures long ago
There I saw my grand dad, in his military clothes
Lieutenant Calvin Brown with stars upon his chest
Died for old Glory, Lord he gave his very best


Across this mighty land..................
Across this mighty land.................

This is a very nice tune, well written and produced/arranged. The recording is very nice, the instruments have good separation and don't seem to be competing with each other. The vocals cut clearly through the mix.

This boy can sing COUNTRY! This is a beautifully written song about soldiers serving our land. It is respectful about the job they are doing, but also asks the age-old question about the lives that are lost...Ain't it a shame? The verses tell the story well. The chorus is memorable. Excellent instrumentation, flawless mix, great production.

Got me from the start. Nice crossover tune being folk and easily an Alt Country. Really enjoyed this song as it is put together very well. Balanced production of vocals and music. Instrumentation and Vocals were solid. Well done.

I like everything about this song. Nice tempo, Good instruments, Great vocals, nice fiddle fill, great harmonies!!! Nice song!!!

Really well done sir! Top notch sound quality and incredibly gifted songwriting!

I feel like the singer believes in what he is singing about. I love the raspiness in his voice. The fiddle playing is beautiful, and other instrumentation are all first class. Nicely done!

Wonderful blend of the traditional bluegrass instruments, it was nice to hear each one have its spot in this tune. The vocal had hints of John Hartford...nice and very natural feel.

Lyrics Art & Al Corey Producer Art Corey & Gatorhole Productions
Performance Buck Swade & Gator Hole Productions
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