What's up I am Solegre Music straight out of Harlem. i have been in the music biz for over twenty years making music. stay tuned for more Beats!

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Our single Deadzone saw 20,000 streams last year that’s a blessing. 

Straight From Harlem

I was raised in Harlem,NYC and became musically inclined at a very youg age. My father had many albums for those who still remember actual vinyl. I started my career dancing and performing routines at the apollo and other venues aroumd the city. I started my music career in high school rhyming and eventually trying to make records. After high school i attended the institute of audio research and from there i have been producing songs for various artists. Music has been good to me over the years and i am still in love with the buisness of making beats and hip hop as a culture. If anyone has questions about music production don't be hesitant to contact me. I work with protool LE, Cubase SX3 and i use a mpc 2500, a Korg Triton, a Roland Fantom , a Alesis QS6,novation nocturn 49 and i use a tascam Fe1884 as my mixboard and Event TR6 monitors to produce my music..

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"Thank you" for your... (2 on5 score)... for "Drift" which was from the early 90's... well..close to 80's.. not from 2018...
With respect..

Hi! Thank you very much for taking the time to listen and rate my new song "Waltzing Between Lying Dreams "! I really appreciate your continuous support.
All the best!

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