Originally from New Jersey I've been playing professionally and semi pro for a long time. I mostly enjoy writing lyrics and banging out a new song when I can. I usually play all the parts on my recording except for lead guitar which is handled by my friend Craig Bowers. I like all types of music and write whatever comes to me, not limiting myself to one style or category. Most of my recordings are my scratch pad for the basic idea and then just add a little of this and that to embellish that basic idea. Now that someone may be listening I'll do a little better job with the recordings from this point on!

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Hello. I just uploaded a new song I wrote and recorded recently called DANCE. It's a little raw but I like it that way, so... here it is! I hope you all like it.
also I added diduthink to the list. It's just a quicky that i wrote and recorded to learn some new equipment I got. My son likes it so here it is.
Thanks to all

Sam M

The truth is, I always have songs playing in my head. I love to capture one of them once in a while, and while I don't sing or play any better than most, for me it's about just getting the idea down. I attended Berklee some time ago and got to play with some really great folks. But now it's just like painting. If you stand too close you'll see all sorts of imperfections. So stand back and enjoy the concept. I hope the lyrics make sense.

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