To start I like to thank God and my Mom for helping to make it to this point in my life.

A star is rising from the West. Palm Beach, Florida thats right. Now 26 years old and more focused than ever I am closer than I have ever been before to achieving my musical aspirations.

Shadow aka Andre Cornette, in my opinion is one of the most intelligent, creative, determined, and overall impressive person that I have ever known. Nevertheless, due to the fact that I am writing about myself “I may be a little biased.”

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Hustle by Blood, the hot new full-length debut from Shadow, is scheduled for release April 15, 2006. The independent disc features 16 original tracks that cover every mood, from the bumpin? title track ?Hustle By Blood,? to the Southern street shout out ?Clean & Shiny,? to the sultry R&B flavored ?Take Our Time,? featuring Precious on vocals. Shadow calls his sound Southern Special, because it?s Southern Style with a personal flavor ?that?s not like anyone else!? The CD was recorded at Insane Sounds in Sunrise, Fla., with tracks produced by S.O., Whiz Capone from Beatkeepaz, and Big Shife from Shife Entertainment. Young Merck contributes vocals to three tracks. Hustle by Blood was executive produced by Shadow and will be available through CDBaby and other online retailers

Andre Cornette, AKA Shadow, has had a passion for writing lyrics since he was a young kid who idolized his rapping older brother. After the tragic early death of his brother turned his family life upside down, Shadow turned to the streets in search of a place to fit in. ?Being out here you see lots of things you wish you never saw,? he remembers. But he?s always kept writing along the way, turning those emotions and experiences into songs he hopes people can relate to. ?I just want people to feel where I?m coming from.? Whether his future includes a record deal or just self-releasing more CDs for people who appreciate them, Shadow maintains that he will always keep making music from his heart. ?It?s something where you can really be yourself, and what comes out, comes out.?

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Shadow's Biography

Andre Cornette, a.k.a. Shadow, writes, records, and performs music that is true to what he?s seen in his life. Whether it be street, club, or just reminiscing on better days. He just spits the truth "I'm a visionary, I make people think and say ?why not?? He jokes of his college attendance, quick to note that if the opportunity came along, he'd chuck it all for the chance to pursue his musical passion all day. "It's something where you can really be yourself, and what comes out, comes out."

Music and writing lyrics were Andre's passion as far back as he can remember. His older brother, Courtney prided himself on being a rapper, and Andre always looked up to his older brother and wanted to be like him. One day his brother tragically drowned and Andre soon to be Shadow?s world turned upside down. His father was paralyzed and his mother tried hard, but Andre eventually found the streetz to be the only place where he actually fit in.? Being out here you see lots of things that you never wish you saw?. Andre began to get money. However, it came he always made sure that he never went broke. ?I sold everything and did everything you possibly could do at a young age but I was never satisfied. He decided to go back to school and went to Florida A & M in Tallahassee, FL. However, after the money, partying, and girls school just wasn?t fitting into the equation. A couple months later he was arrested for Murder 1 and armed robbery and shipped back to West Palm Beach, Fl to face the charges. ? Haters wanna see me locked and buried but God?s always had my back ? The whole incident revolved around a known snitch trying to get somebody off and implicated Shadow and his associates in a plot. To no prevail though because the Grand Jury threw the case out and Shadow was Free.

As his professional career advanced, music remained a focus and Shadow continued writing new material with thoughts of someday recording a CD. "I just sit down and start vibing, then something starts catching me, and I start writing. I try to do it quick cuz time is of the essence. Sometimes I have to come back and work on it, but sometimes all the pieces come together at once." In the beginning, Shadow figured he might eventually come up with lyrics for his ever-growing stack of songs, but several years into writing he decided that they should really just be left, as they are. It would be more fitting with his goal as an artist, which is to create lyrics that make people think, and takes their mind wherever he wants it to go. He leaves song interpretation up to the listener.

Less than a year ago, Shadow realized that with advances in technology and growing internet-based options available for marketing independent music, the time had come to put together a CD. He selected sixteen tracks recorded then at Insane Sounds in Sunrise, FL and the result is an album that can touch anybody that listens to it. ?The production is magnificent states one reviewer?, but for Shadow, it's just a start, and his dream is to take over the music world is coming to past..

Whether his future includes a record deal, soundtrack scoring, or simply recording more self-released CDs for appreciative fans, Andre will continue to create music from his heart, with the hopes of sharing it with others. "I just want people to feel where I?m coming from."

June 22-24 Shadow will be performing at the Millennium Conference in Harrisburg, Pa

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