Thank you for taking the time out of your day to look over this material. I would like to introduce you to band from a band out of Meridian/Hattiesburg Mississippi called the secondhandheroes. The secondhandheroes are an explosive Alt-Rock/Rock Band with an emphasis on songs fit for radio. We have mainly toured around the Southeastern Conference schools for the last four years. You will find similarities in bands like Creed, Lifehouse, Fuel, and The Calling; although what you hear has it's own originality and style.

The band consist of four guys all bent on a dream they have been working to achieve over the last seven years. As you already know, we have realized and learned being successful in music takes a work ethic like few professions see. It is a game where all odds are stacked against one goal. I have thought about that very thing many times and wondered what would keep someone is such a tough profession going. The answer for us is simple; we believe in our music.

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The secondhandheroes are a Southeastern United States based modern rock band that has played all over the SEC conference and beyond. The secondhandheroes have similarities in bands such as Fuel, Lifehouse, and Edwin McCain, but bring their own originality to the table in their music and vocal style. The band has recorded multiple albums and has just released their NEW Album "the absence in me". 2hh has been on and off the road for over six years bringing their high impact show across the south. The band has an incredible history behind it already and plans to make history with their new album the absence in me.

“ This song rocks! It's only a matter of time before it hits the mainstream.
Very good work. ”

- Broadjam Member, Music / Film Executive

Here is a little info about the bands past and future plans.

the band

It's hard explain the secondhandheroes. The band was put together 9 years ago by Singer/Songwriter Jonathan Quigley from Meridian MS . Jonathan started writing music at a young age. The early years of the band were a huge learning process, going through musician after musician. Jonathan searched to find a group that could handle the sacrifices music brings and have the talent needed to make a difference. The band changed drastically over the first four years. It was hard to find musicians dedicated to original music. secondhandheroes music has always been about finding the secrets inside ourselves and bringing them out.

In 2000 Jonathan started playing with a local guitar player from Meridian , Chuck Green. Green was an extremely talented rock guitarist that had passion for making music. Jonathan and Chuck both wanted more out of life. Their dream was not just to play and write but to bring their music to the giant stages of this country and help people get lost in their own dreams. In 2002 Jonathan and Chuck hooked up with Drummer Jonathan Hoffman and bass player Allen Nobles from Mobile Alabama , at the University of Southern Mississippi . Hoffmann, an already accomplished drummer brought a new sound to the bands mixes. It seemed after years of falling down; it was time to pick things back up.

Since that time the band has reflected itself as a professional radio rock band waiting for their chance to break out. Over the years the band has played hundreds of shows all over the southeast. The band has toured almost every Southeastern conference school and many in-between in the last 5 years. Showcasing their original side at every possible time and blowing the roof off more Fraternity and Sororities party's than we could name. At the same, time totally funding the bands equipment, legal documents, and recordings out of nothing but night after night of moving in and out of a 6 X12 trailer.

For the last two years the band has been pre producing and saving money to cut there new album ?the absence in me?. This is the follow up to their second album behindclosedoors - Volume 2, which brought them to the NBC pilot show ?the Shooting Star? with songs like ?Ms. Popularity?, and ?comearound?. The band has also received the #1 spot in top category (World) on and held it for over three weeks strait with their song ?Freedom?. All in all behindclosedoors did very well and found it's way inside the hearts of thousands.

The secondhandheroes NEW album ?the absence in me? carries with it years of work and dedication in overcoming obstacles.
?When you are dealing with an extraordinary way of life you have to surround yourself with extraordinary people that are not afraid to work to get where they belong.?

- Jonathan Quigley

This album was made to be brought to the radio. We hope that when you hear it you can find yourself lost in it and find a band that has and will do what it takes to reach out.

All songs on the album were written by Jonathan Quigley. The album was recorded at Ardent Studios, Memphis TN. The songs were produced by Jonathan Quigley and Chuck green over the last year. A few of the songs on the album were engineered, produced, and mixed by Ardent Studios own Jason Latshaw (Todd Agnew, Skillet, WOW Worship CD's). Jason brought his great insight to the bands production and sound. The majority of the songs were mixed Paul Lipinski at North Florida's elite recording studio Vision Sounds, owned by long time industry professional Scott Fravala . In addition, the heroes had 747 Studios Skidd Mills (B.B. King, Sister Hazel, Third Day, Saliva, many more) mix one of the tracks. The secondhandheroes are currently getting ready for their new release and Fall touring.

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