From The great white north, Sandon kicked off his music career in 2008. Driven by his own music and lyrical innovations, he began to move forward with his dreams of creating a solo career. To date, he has released four full-length albums and one 'acoustic' E.P. He's toured with a few different artists including 'Hometown Beatdown' & 'Chase Coy.'

His latest album titled 'Interstate 5' got him his 4th Western Canadian Music Award Nomination and various radio play opportunities.

Sandon is currently working on his next album in studio.

Sounds Like: flume

Latest News

My debut record titled: 'Freedom's Last Lost Mile' has been nominated for TWO Western Canadian Music Awards!

Best Christian Recording of the year

Jared Robinson - Best Album Design for 2009


I started playing piano when i was five and then quit after two years because i totally didnt like it. Then when i was sixteen, my dad taught me some basic chord theory and i have taught myself evrything since. I cannot sight read very well because i play by ear and i really have no interest sight reading because i prefer to write my own compositions.


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The LovePops
over 30 days ago to Sandon

Sandon, Great job on More! More is More in America. Less is More to the Spiritual. - LovePop

Vi: 00110110
over 30 days ago to Sandon


You really need to develop Red Dawn. Lotta promise there!!! Excited to hear more.


David Bruce Davis
over 30 days ago to Sandon

Awesome new song ("Save My Life") Great mix Sandon! Keep it up! :)

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