Hi my name's Samantha vanzyl, I am 22 years old and live in Margaret River, Western Australia.. I'd tell ya more about me but wouldn't want to bore ya! Anyways, have a listen to the music I've created and I'd love for you to let me know what you think..
Have a lovely day..

So far, nothing..

Born into the land of Margaret River, I've so far recieved a strange and fairly interesting life.. For many years now, I've wanted to do something good for the world.. Nothing associated with saving humanity nor becoming a famous musican. I tend to tell myself, maybe it's a desire to save hens from cages and kindly give the caged treatment to the bastards that buy non-free range eggs from their local stupidmarket.. feeling passionite on this issue, I suppose allows me to have an anger outlet towards something within my strange life. As my thoughts float through a hard days work in the vineyard, I start to dream of what else I could do for the world. I tell myself there's heaps I can do. For instance, I could use my magical powers and re-program every humans brain allowing them to throw their money towards saving animals and the environment. It dosn't take long for me to realise I'm not magical and I can't do much more than drive a car and be extremely annoying to anybody close.
Thats ok, I've gotta do something while at work for so many hours. Bless ya..

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