I'm an 18 year old girl, from just outside of Melbourne, Australia. I've been singing for as long as i can remember. A few months ago i signed to a wicked indie label in North Hollywood called FourScreen Entertainment. We've just been working on some new material, so look out and check back for updates and new songs!

For more check out www.myspace.com/samanthalombardi

Samantha Lombardi 2006 Biography

When she?s not playing guitar or listening to her favourite bands, chances are Sam Lombardi will be singing her lungs out. With her unique voice and style, Sam Lombardi has already accomplished a lot in her short singing career, and will no doubt achieve further success in the near future. Sam Lombardi is a 16 year old rock singer, songwriter and performer from Melbourne, Australia.

She has been singing as long as she can remember, but at the age of 9, she began singing lessons and hasn?t shut up since! Sam is signed exclusively to MPM Artist Management for the world and they are helping her to achieve her full potential as an artist in her own right, and have been working hard to facilitate the development of her budding career.

For the last 14 months she worked on her first album ?Take Your Pic? with producers from all over the world. With people like Darren Noble of Titanium Productions in NY, Phil Haywood of Flashpoint UK in London, and Danny Simcic of Attitude & Rhythm Productions, Clarence Jey of Apollo Music, Melbourne, Australia. It features catchy tunes like "Do You" and "Save Me". It also features songs written by, John Ingoldsby and Charlie Clouser of NIN and Andreas Carlsson of The Location etc.

In October of 2005 Samantha signed a US release deal for her album and was released on the 25th Dec 2005 through Black Sea Records also. Her album is currently available on CD Baby, Tower Online, Indie 911, IAC and I Tunes as well as at local retail outlets across the US. In January 2006 the radio plugging mainstay, ?He Sells She Sells? serviced US radio programmers with the CD and in 6 weeks she was added to 58 stations on light rotation with a particular emphasis on the singles,

Most recently Samantha has secured the following highly marketable opportunities as further credits to her steadily growing career.

 She was commissioned by LA based animation company, Taffy Ent / Mike Young Productions to write and record the theme to the new US animated series, ?Growing up Creepie? which will be airing in the fall on the Discovery block for NBC and has already been syndicated worldwide. The series will also be presented as a major interactive platform on the web and will build a youth community style portal unlike any other in the market today. http://www.mikeyoungproductions.com

 She recently won a Golden Kayak award for best hard rock song off her album on the Independent Artist Company Top 50 site for the tune, ?I?m Over You?. http://iacmusic.com/artist.aspx?id=15993

 Her ever popular new website has done 137,268 web hits since she launched in November 2005 and continues to grow each day with more and more fans signing up to her website for new updates and special promotional giveaways. http://www.samanthalombardi.com

 Samantha was chosen by national retailer, Dick Smith Powerhouse to perform a series of unplugged, acoustic shows with her guitarist in specialist stores in Victoria. As a consolation a local pressing of her CD was produced and is now being sold in store to a strong reaction from local listeners. The success of these showcase performances have led the marketing department to move this venture interstate and a tour is now in the planning stages for June and July 2006. http://www.dse.com.au

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