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Saiman Reddy is a rare breed of musician. The Sydney based songwriter/producer has the unique ability to craft incredibly catchy radio friendly songs in nearly any genre that can be thrown at him. And he does it while seamlessly injecting his creations with a certain nostalgic flair whilst keeping things sounding cutting edge.
Originally (and still currently) an avid writer of guitar and synth driven pop/rock that incorporates flourishes of the sounds of the 80's and 90's, the young artist has evolved into a musical chameleon and has started expanding his horizons into other musical realms with remarkable results.
Saiman was born into a musical family and was acquainted with all things musical as a child. He taught himself to play a variety of instruments including the piano, guitar, bass guitar and drums. After spending many years treating his musical interests as a hobby, he came to the realization this was his ultimate passion in life and has decided to pursue it to its fullest extent.
He has a knack of being able to create melodic hooks that embed themselves into listener's heads, and anthemic choruses capable of raising the roof. Every song that he has entered in worldwide song writing competitions has secured at least a semi-final placing.
Saiman has lately been spending time in the studio with Ian Pritchett (producer of ARIA nominated and gold selling artists 'The Beautiful Girls' & 'Angus & Stone'), and is currently putting the finishing touches on an electronic dance related project which is sure to get feet tapping everywhere in the near future !

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