Detroit Modern Rockers, Robb Roy, create music that showcases their talent for crafting big beautiful songs. Long regarded as one of city's best bands, Robb Roy released their 4th CD "Days of Pride & Hunger" in October 2003 (on PURE Recordings). The 14 song enhanced CD also features the video "What If" by Director/DP, Kevin Carrico, who has worked with the White Stripes.


With the release of "Days of Pride & Hunger", Robb Roy have reached deep into their storied history to put together 14 tales of wonderfully crafted modern pop-rock gems. The follow up to their popular release "Happy", finds the band exploring a musical landscape steeped in tradition, while looking ahead towards where the modern rock music of tomorrow is headed. With the help of veteran Detroit producer, Jason Kuehn, Robb Roy has fleshed out the very best in Pop, Rock, and even a bit of Americana that influenced them as budding musicians.

Robb Roy show their love of rock in songs like "Goodbye", "Battlelines", "Hole", and to the city where they cut their teeth, "Hamtramck". Their pop side shines through on "As I Am", "We", and the Beatles inspired "I Sleep". It's the leanings towards Americana though, that pull at the listener's heart. "Roll On" is a lush drive through the countryside of one of America's most treasured roads in search of contentment. "Scrapin' By" asks the question, "Are you the man you hoped to be?" At the very core of it all is the title track, "Days of Pride & Hunger". In this song the band warns, "Don't lose yourself to the past. Cherish the road and don't look back. It's not the end, but how you arrive". Arguably, this is one of the most powerful songs Robb Roy has written to date.

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"This is one of the best independent bands around. Take the lyrical taste of the Goo Goo Dolls and then add the charm of the Counting Crows and you?ll have Robb Roy."
- Broadjam Staff Reviewer

"Robb Roy presents an intelligent option for pop/rock fans. These are four skilled musicians and songwriters who bring a little more depth and originality to the genre. Robb Roy combines a lyrical sophistication with a solid rock sound. It?s a combination that works."
- Jennifer Layton,

"Robb Roy?s Beatles/U2/Counting Crows amalgam makes for strong songwriting and a captivating listen."
- Eric Harabadian, Music Connection Magazine

"Having wondered where good old 'Rock Music' might have gone, now there is no question. For true Rock enthusiasts, make it a point to treat yourself to Robb Roy's show."
- Mark Trout, Dig This Real Magazine, NYC

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