Riyel is an eclectic artist with influences ranging from Enya to Evanescense. Her vocal is clear and rich. Sometimes you may hear evidence of her classical training or perhaps be enveloped by a Celtic lilt. Other times the power and fullness of her voice will cause tears to well up in your eyes.
Riyel speaks eloquently of God, of life and of love. Truth is her obsession - as illustrated by her provoking lyrics and passionate delivery. She will take you on a journey of thought as she takes you around the world with a fusion of sound comprised of Rock, Celtic, New Age and Classical elements.

A brief history

Riyel began, like many artists, by performing at her local church. She was in various church and community works starting at age 7. She received classical training during her early high school years and was chosen to participate in the elite DODDS Honor Choir in Europe when she was only 14 years old. This is also the time when she wrote her first song. When she was 18, she asked her parents to buy her an Autoharp. It was then that she began writing an average of a song a month so that now she has written nearly 170 songs. Riyel acted as Assistant Musical Director in her high school's production of "Fiddler on the Roof" and also performed in Baptist Bible College's production of the musical "The Secret Garden." In 2000, she held an intimate concert for friends and fans at her local church. Since then she  has continued performing at her local church and producing music out of her home studio.

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