I'm a writer in specializing in original music for film and television, jingles and custom songs. I work with an international team of musicians and songwriters.

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I've been very lucky and honored. Several of my songs have hit #1 on the Broadjam charts. "Strip Away" was a finalist in the Dallas Songwriter's Competition, and "Just Tell Me" won Broadjam's "Love & Relationship" song of the month. Thank you all for the reviews! I am enjoying hearing from all you fine artists on Broadjam! ~Peace~
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R.A.M. Songs
over 30 days ago to Rich Hastings

Thanks for your positive comments. If we could only get a publisher to agree! Enjoying your classic sound on Rock Me Baby et al. I see you're careful with leaving spaces in your production, too. Good luck!

Joe Smith (All Edges)
over 30 days ago to Rich Hastings

Thanks for the encouraging review of 'El Ritmo'. Be glad to hear your thoughts on my other pieces.

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Mickey Leybick
over 30 days ago

Thanks for reviewing my song Brothers Sisters---you put a lot of effort in this----I wish I could afford to record my stuff professionally, but I'm stuck with my home computer and some inexpensive software with pre programmed chords where i can add instruments and adjust style and tempo----My hope is that another musician or artist can recognize the song without the background flaws and record it on their own---thanks again, Mike

over 30 days ago to Rich Hastings

Hi! Thanx a lot for positive rewiev.

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