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Rebekah Ann Curtis, based out of Seattle , Washington , sings and writes her heart and soul through songs that reflect folk, blues, rock, among other genres. Her songs are varied as her inspirations, Joni Mitchell to Elton John, from Janis Joplin to Alanis Morisette and Jewel. Her vocals and lyrics can inspire listening minds as they touch hearts with timeless themes. Rebekah Ann Curtis is a voice next door.

Growing up listening to classic rock and country legends, Rebekah Ann Curtis developed a passion for music that compelled her to explore soul, rock, gospel, contemporary popular music, r&b, grunge, as well as the classics. Finding an excitement for what she loved, Rebekah Ann's desire to share, easily transformed into performing for her peers and friends. Her love for the music that inspired her as a teen and through adulthood, sparked a creative fire that has been smoldering ever since.

Rebekah Ann Curtis combines an emotional journey with compelling vocals that resonates with connectivity. Her music is like opening the pages of a diary and pouring ones' heart onto paper. Out of a turmoil of personal journeys, Rebekah Ann has focused not just her heart and mind, but also her soul into music. Having embraced all of her experiences, she focuses on creating an experience that draws the listener in.

Rebekah Ann Curtis sings from an insider's point of view. Pulling from vocal and stage experience, she delivers intimate performances. Rebekah Ann Curtis will take you through a reflective journey that speaks to your heart and mind.

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