USA Songwriting Competition FINALIST - 2007
UK Songwriting Competition FINALIST - 2008
UK Songwriting Competition TRIPLE FINALIST - 2009

58 Semi-final places (including 25 borderline finalist places) in the UK Songwriting Contest since 2007.

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UK Songwriting Contest results in for 2007. Steve Martin achieved 20 Semi-Finalist placings in the competition across 9 categories.

Songwriter/ Lyricist/ Composer

Steve Martin is an up-and-coming songwriter, currently based in Birmingham, though he makes no secret of the fact that Kernow is his spiritual home. Steve’s style of writing can be best summed up in one word: moody. He has a unique style that has a wide appeal for a variety of artists. Not being a performing artist, Steve has never had to restrict himself to one genre and is as comfortable in the so-called nu-jazz style as he is in traditional pop ballad or Indie (U.S. and U.K.) and Top 20 styles.

Steve endeavours to place his songs with established artists through publishers and record companies, though many of his songs are available to buy on and a promotional CD, entitled ‘My Picture’, should be available to buy directly in late summer 2007. Since the age of 16, Steve has had the good fortune to work with the incredibly talented David Saylor with whom he co-wrote the power ballad ‘This Time’, published on David’s album ‘We Are One’ and is available to download on I-Tunes.

As Steve’s style matured his work became more diverse and having become a member of the Guild of International Songwriters and Composers, he began to enter the world of competitive songwriting. In the UK Songwriting Contest of 2006, run by BBC Radio and the BRIT Awards, another of Steve’s power ballads ‘Until the End’ reached the semi-finals, placing the song in the top 15% of entries, nationally. Success like this has spurred Steve on to invest heavily in recording equipment, enabling him to produce the backing tracks for his stunning promotional album ‘My Picture’. Steve has been blessed with the ability to play pretty much any instrument that takes his fancy but unfortunately cannot sing for toffee! Accordingly, in the final production of ‘My Picture’, Steve turned, once again, to his old friend David to draw upon his incredible vocal talents… and the results are clearly amazing.

Most, if not all, of Steve’s tracks on his promotional album are destined for songwriting competitions during 2007 and many other songs are in the process of being recorded, too. There is a cautious optimism that this year will be the year that Steve gets noticed and breaks through into the big time. Never before has he had such an armoury of massive songs, every one of which has been independently assessed by the GISCs A & R department as commercially viable, all at least suitable for an album and most of them potential hit singles. The songs speak for themselves but as every writer knows, the next song is only as good as the inspiration. Fortunately, Steve has been blessed with some of the most amazing inspiration in his life at a time when his style was mature enough to handle it: ‘My Picture’ could be legitimately stamped with ‘Made in Kernow’ and wrapped in a St. Piran’s flag. Steve would like to thank all of his sources of inspiration, but particularly Catriona, who remains his best friend in the whole world: ‘The Saddest Song in the World’ is as beautiful as it should be and testament to a wonderful relationship that has not so much ended, as changed and grown. Steve’s work continues to get better and better and those who believe in him know that, soon, he will get the rewards he so richly deserves.

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