RAFT are:

Tim ANSELL: Drums
Francis GRAVES: Acoustic Guitar , Bass & Vocals
Ray DEEFHOLTS: Electric Guitar, Bass & Vocals

With sessions from:
Malcolm MORTIMORE: Percussion

Production: Tim ANSELL & Jim MORTIMORE

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The Cardboard Man
over 30 days ago to RAFT

Thanks for the review of "The Answer" I never wrote lyrics to the song, just made them up as I recorded. So getting a low review on my lyric quality is expected. Thanks for being honest, and I really have no idea where to put my music on this site. BTW: I play banjo and violin and well, a lot of instruments and I record and mix and write everything on my own. So its just one guy, hence, The Cardboard Man, not Men. Thanks for the comments, Cheers!

Chet Nichols
over 30 days ago to RAFT

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the nice review of my song, "Snow Line". It comes from my 2nd album, "Waving Prairie" recorded in 1974 at Wally Heider Studios in San Francisco. It was the follow up to my first album, "Time Loop" recorded in 1971. I arranged all my material is a very sparse way back then.....so if you like this song, check out those two albums at my website at Broadjam.


Chet Nichols

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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