Psyrok is a cross-genre electronica producer based in London, England.

His debut self-titled EP is available now on Psylince Records. Order from CD Baby

Other releases include a track on the Electronic Bible Vol 3 Compilation from White Label Music and a mini EP 'Sempeternity' available for free download from Tom Tipunk Records.

Press for Psyrok:

"Psyrok's eponymous debut reminds me of why I found early trip-hop to be so wonderfully atmospheric and grim ... There's a cinematic quality to Psyrok's music that inspires these flights of fancy ... I'm glad music like this exists." Igloo Magazine

"Taking the best of elements of ambient trance, yet creating something unique, Psyrok blends a truly ethereal cocktail."

"Take an adventure holiday for your ears"

"Psyrok is an artist worth biting into" Single of the

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