Psyche Corporation

Hailing from a future dominated by neurotechnology, dendritic Internet connections and direct dream-downloads, Psyche Corporation is part of an early subliminal marketing initiative for a popular dream-manufacture company of the same name.

As a performance, Psyche Corporation is an alloy. One part cyberpunk trip-hop darkwave music, one part robotics exhibition, one part dreamscape art. Drawing much of its aesthetic from steampunk fashions and the neo-vintage movement, Psyche Corp. seeks to combine the best of many worlds: The music alludes to a world drenched in decadence, a world where nobles wear corsets and cages for fun, yet women enjoy at least as much autonomy as they do today. Having made an empire of past and present, Psyche Corp. goes on to claim the dearest dreams of science-fiction enthusiasts, namely life-extension and virtual reality servers full of wonderful nightmares. Using styles and art inspired by older eras, Psyche Corp. takes on a mystique markedly different from the usual fare.

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