Welcome to ProJekktor, a fascinating ride through varied musical emotions with deep layed composition as the constant foundation.
As the sole writer, performer, engineer and producer of this 1st album, I have had the freedom to go in many directions with each piece. This is 3 of 8 songs on the new album.
If you enjoy music that takes you places, than you should enjoy the diversity I offer as a writer and performer.
Each track has something unique to offer as no 2 songs sound alike, nor do I repeat any lyrical/musical theme throughout.
My peers in the industry have been wowed, so I feel now is the time to share this project as the 1st of many.

This album is totally diverse, ambient, and has a ton of raw power instrumentally. It might have the following influences: Radiohead, George Harrison, Yes and Rush
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Steve Mallett
over 30 days ago to ProJekktor

Brilliant. On the whole, void on genre. I love it when you can't pigeonhole artists. More please!

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