Hard lyrics, Hard times, make up my hard life. Out of all of that hustling ducking & busting. Comes Pressure P!!!....... Ya'll do the math.. dis boy is deep . GO TO:www.myspace.com/ppoint74

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Pressure Point

Introducing: Pressure Point

Government Name: Fredrick C. Alexander Jr.

I am 27 years old. I been chasing this dream since I was 13 years old. Which started me to do cover songs from the group Kris Kross in 1993. Around the time I turned 15 I recorded my first original single, a song titled, ?Everlasting G?s.? I was part of a three man group called ?Lethal Weapon.? After a few years of learning the art of freestyle and slaying almost every m.c. in my area, I found one of the two managers I?ve worked with to date??.my father. A good man who once had the same dream as me. Pops was and still is a soulful gospel/R&B singer. Pops did a pretty good job he always got us gigs mostly in Milwaukee. Being 17,18 and from Racine,Wi that was the shit to us!! After high school and various talent shows. I set out for the road. the first stop was San Diego, California.
I was to stay with my guy Mr. Bogus which was one of the three mc?s in the group ?Lethal Weapon.? He Had moved out west at the end of 1996 it was now 1998. We made a couple of songs together but the feel wasn?t the same. For one Bogus didn?t seem to want it as bad as I did at the time. Second I wrote all the music. Yeah Bogus wrote his verses, but I came up with the concepts for almost every song!! Which brought up the question I had to ask myself ?What I need this nigga for?? Although in East Diego I gained a good rep for freestyling and all around solid lyrics. I Had to move on?. to Atlanta, Georgia. While in Atlanta I stayed with my cousin P.J. It was where I really started to shine as a artist. I met a lot of different mc?s from all over the country. I also did a lil show in front of the Wu store, (Wu Tang clothing store) and a showcase for C-Low. Then I met a few Dj?s who threw house party?s and I rocked everyone of them mutherfuckas. That?s when I learned I was just as good as Nas, Jz, Biggie, any of them niggas. Just gotta get on!! But now I had the main ingredient confidence. By the End of 1999 I was back in Racine,Wi ?Da Cilla? as we call it. Where two of the greatest things in my life came to me at this time. My Son and my underground indie label Top Of Da World Ent. I started making tracks and producing around this time as well. After I had my son and a terrible break up with his mother. I got back to my craft by this time I was 22 years of age. The time in between 1999-2002 I was learning the art of the business, not just rapping!! In the summer of 2002 I met Bill West Jr. the second manager I?ve worked with to date. I had at this time fell in love with the whole mix tape shit, and did my first one. It was and is untitled ?1000 Degreez? after lil Wayne?s ?400 Degreez? squad up mix tape. Ounce Mr. West heard my music we started working together and pushing my mix tape. In 2003 another mix tape followed, ?Da stinger.? At this time I was selling cocaine & weed to pay for my music and of course I got caught. I got sentenced to 12 months in prison, and I had to do a extra three months for other commitments. In between the time of me getting caught and sentenced to go to prison. I scraped up enough money to pay Talent 2K (a talent agengy for musicians) $700.00 dollars to push and promote my talent ,and two mix tapes. They got me a contract with a internet based record label ?DefTone records,? But by the time I got the contract I was in prison

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