PORTAL is a consequence of the EVOLUTION of one man's musical expression; deepening and widening as it flows, like a 'river of consciousness', winding through a kaleidoscope of musical experiences.

From the earthy world of the solo folk singer to rebellion as a heavy metal axe-man. Discipline as an orchestral horn blower became freedom through swing. Glitz and loss of self through Pop turned to escapist hedonism on tour with an alternative rock band. From depravity to purity to an appreciation of both - gaining, always, depth, momentum & passion...

…Emerging, finally, in the electronic age - bringing an impressionists view of all these genres together, in the fusion of pure 'DANCE-ME' musical melodrama that is:

"WELCOME TO INFINITE PLEASURE"; PORTAL's addictive debut album. Buy it now at


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Thanks for checking out my music, I hope you enjoy what you hear. If you want more info, to get copies of my albums or are interested in publishing any of these songs, feel free to click on the contact page and e-mail me direct. You can also now download these tracks and the whole 'Welcome to Infinite Pleasure' album at www.TuneTribe.com/portal

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