POM POM DIARY began as a late night experiment in the fall of 2004. Combining Paul Fontana’s experience as a rock musician and Paul Finch’s extensive electronic knowledge as a DJ, they formulated a type of music they had never heard, yet wanted to play. Propelled by contagious lyrics and a mixture of synth pop and guitar, POM POM DIARY's postmodern sound is the perfect soundtrack for the cityscape.

While POM POM DIARY may remind you of the past it certainly has no intention of staying there. The synths are retro, the guitar is almost common and the drums are simple, infectious beats that one can dance to — but doesn’t have to. New Wave is something POM POM DIARY hears a lot when they are listened to or played on the radio, then sometimes they are simply part of that all encompassing now ultra-important Indie scene. In the end POM POM DIARY is all of these things.

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Cool, consistent and yet interesting
Reviewer: superdom76
I came across PPD in a free MP3-download centre. They only sounded alright at first, but the one song that took my ears hostage was "Thursday". I had a closer listen to the rest and I had to face the simple truth: PPD combine the lightness of the early New Order with the melancholy of the better early-eighties new romantic bands from Britain. Pop-appeal and still deepness make this CD a recommendable buy. Every single song is an enrichment to your musical collection. No criticism possible. Besides... I need more!

4 out of 5 stars Brilliant, jangly-indie-new-wave
Reviewer: VoodooRu
This album is a beautiful listen from start to finish. The melodies sneak up on you then don't let go. The simple drums and synths with the jangly new-wave guitars are well done. The vocals are a perfect match for the sound. Well done!! Highly recommended!

I love this CD!
Reviewer: Jesse W.
I have to say that I really love this album. I didn't know anything about Pom Pom Diary until I came across them on this website. I won't describe what they sound like, since all you have to do is listen to know what I'm talking about. Songs that stand out to me, The London Song, Undertow and Thursday. Go to the bands website to see a video for Thursday and buy this album!

5 out of 5 stars Amid the recent spate of neo-new wave outfits, L.A.'s Pom Pom Diary stands out!
Reviewer: Download.com (click for website)
Amid the recent spate of neo-new wave outfits, L.A.'s Pom Pom Diary stands out. While most of the current knockoffs have absorbed the genre's love of synths, they haven't quite been the right synths. Pom Pom revives New Order-style electrostatic peals and disappearing drum-plosions in tales of dramatic mourning.

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Alright guys? just played 'London' and Love16 - nice work! very British! Try and google 'Childs Play' by Modern Eon - you'll love it.Also might like one of mine called Your Bonnie My Clyde which is in New Wave section.

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