New instrumentals uploaded for purchase. There are more Instrumentals to come from PaceMaker Publishing PMP Rap & Dance Volumes 1-13. Also, R & B Tracks soon to come from PaceMaker Publishing PMP R&B Volumes 1-3.

For those interested in using tracks for more than listening pleasure contact me at or

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PMP or PaceMaker Publishing, LLC handles music creation to music protection. We specialize in licensing and creating music for copyright ownership. Licenses range from $25 to $200 and copyright transfers begin at $200. If you need music for your upcoming album or single we can provide it. What kind of music does PMP specialize in, exactly that, MUSIC.

Services Provided by PMP


Non-exclusive License of music (3year License)
8 bars- $25
16 bars- $50
More bars- $75 and up

Exclusive license of music (3 year license)
8 bars- $100
16 bars- $150
More bars- $175 and up

Transfer of copyrights (ownership)
8 bars- $200
12 bars- $300
16 Bars- $400
More Bars- $450 and up

Copyright services
Handling paper work and filing with library of congress
$55 per item (standard SR or PA)

PMP aka PaceMaker Publishing, LL

Born and raised in Miami, FL. A product of the great Miami-Dade Public school system. (You get out what you put in). A graduate of THE U!!! (University of Miami) Music Business & Entertainment Program under the direction of James "Jim" Progris. I have been making music since the age of 15. Started arranging music for high school bands under the direction of "The Great" Kenneth Tolbert at Miami Norland Senior High School (Go Vikings). I am married to a lovely doctor aka (boss) with no kids. Maybe one day I can make enough money in this business so she can retire or I can buy her a practice and then I can be her boss. Well there's nothing much else left to say about me, except to maintain a strong faith in GOD because you need him more than he needs you.

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