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Like most artists, I started singing and writing songs since I can remember. Music has always been a big inspiration and a huge part of my life.

When I finally taught myself guitar at the age of 20 my songs became more demonstrative of what I was feeling and I could convey more of a range and style of song.

My husband, Glen McVicker, a talented guitarist, inspired me and brought more out in my songs. I write, play guitar and sing in all of them, but Glen does amazing lead work in my recordings (home recorded).

I am a closet performer, but after continuous feedback from family and friends I decided to push fears aside and put my music out there. Its never too late. If my music touches somebody then it has been worth the exposure or my "outing".

All my music is copywrit and I have tens more ready to record. I'm very excited about this next leg in the journey. Dreams don't have an expiration date- so neither do I.

All my love to Glen, Dad, Dani, Sonja, Lori and mamas Pam & Jan my biggest fans and support system.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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