Asheville, NC based pianist/composer, Phil Okrend creates original music fusing elements of pop, jazz, rock and classical that are reflective to the listener with lots of melody and emotion. Some tunes are buoyant and carefree such as "Recovery and "New Day" while others take one deeper such as "Endless Journey" and "Unbounded". Phil's newest single, "Puzzle" is an edgy, uplifting track that packs a punch with electric guitar riffs over lush strings. "Recovery", "Down the Rabbit Hole" and "Choppy Waters" are jazz fusion instrumentals that were written as musical responses to the 2020-21 pandemic. You can hear both the tension and unsettledness in the music along with a sense of escape, release and hope. Phil Okrend continues to touch listeners with music that is inspiring and relevant to these times.

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New single Puzzle released June 3, 2022.
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