Peter Quest is a songwriter with a unique style for fusing rock, pop and alternative music. His lyrics explore the human spirit. Peter's songs are performed by other recording artists for movies, documentaries and television placement.

********* BROADJAM TOP 10 *********
Anna Maria - Classic Rock - 7/2011
THE VOW - #1 DreamPop - 5/5/2007
THE VOW - New Jersey Top 10- 8/2007
Going My Way - #3 Classic Rock - 8/2006

Latest News

"Anna Maria" hit the Broadjam Top 10 in classic rock (July 2011).

"THE VOW" achieved semi-final placement in the 2007 United Kingdom Songwriting Contest.
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It Happens
over 30 days ago to Peter Quest

Thanks so much for your review of 'Breaking Free' All comments very fair and taken on board. Have a great day, Terhi x

Warren Hein
over 30 days ago to Peter Quest

hi Peter,
thanx for your kind review of The Graveyard Shift...your comment on adding light drums is well taken, though on this one, since it is on my upcoming album, for variety i was looking for NO drums...though my producer bugged me about it other "folky" tunes do have drums, just didn't feel right on this one...but i get it for sure, and thank you for the very kind words and actually reviewing the song! lots of good meat to your words...
all the best to you warren hein

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Peter Quest
over 30 days ago

Warren. . . you're most welcome. . . It's always an artistic struggle for songwriters to decide on whether or not to produce a song for more commercial appeal. . . Trust your instincts. . . It's a superb song either way.

Peter Quest
over 30 days ago to Peter Quest

Good news! "Anna Maria" hit the Broadjam Top 10 in classic rock.

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