The best of upcoming artists within Latin, Reggae, R&B, Classical and Rock. We are: ELBESITO-producer, composer, arranger, artist, musician, inventor of "LEEDO-Style". In other words: the brain behind all the productions of Pecana Independent Artists. BLAKKGOLDD-artist, lyricist on all of the productions with BLAKKGOLDD. He has a unique voice and personality that is considered to be suitable for almost every production. Do not take our word for it! Just listen to the productions.It should be mentioned that BLAKKGOLDD & ElBesito are the winners of 1st prize in the "6Pack - Open To Interpretation" competition 2005.

Latest News

My Radioopera for Danish National Radio is almost completed. The musicians are preparing their parts for tracking during the next three months! Samples from WERBUNG will be put out on BROADJAM as soon as it is finished! Have fun!

BlakkGoldd - The Jamaican Artist

Cleve Milton Spence (Blakkgoldd)was born in Auldayr, Westmorland, Jamaica. He has been quiet active in writing and reading his poems in Denmark, where he has been living for the past ten years. People like Haile Sellassie I, Garvey, and Malcolm X etc, inspired him to write his book: "Coming With The Word". For the time being he is working with his producer ElBesito on a new album.

ElBesito - The Producer

The birthname of ElBesito is Lars Klit! His original training has its roots in classical music. In this field he is already known for his 5 operas: WHERE MANY RIVERS MEET, THE LAST VIRTUOSO, CATWALK, ANATOMICAL OPERA and THORATORIUM. His Soundscapes are not away from Frank Zappas MOTHERS OF INVENTION His intention is to make music that strikes out from the rest. And even in his operas you will find a "hybrid"-band that will remind you of a rocktrio like CREAM or JIMI HENDRIX Experience. As a producer, he puts down all his experience with almost every genre like Latin, Reggae, Rock etc.

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Contact: ElBesito +45 70 270 118/+45 59 25 60 90

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