Patrick Kelly, guitarist, composer, producer. He worked with major artists in Quebec and as a teacher at Musitechic in Montreal. Learned most of his producing skills while working as a composer's assistant for film and broadcast news. He finally built his own studio where he produces his original material. He lately finished producing a live show featuring guitars called "Le Guitare Show". 100 years of guitar history, over 100 titles in a 2 hour medley.

Variety versus quantity

In my teens I had a discussion with my band members over what kind of music we would end up doing later in life. I remember saying "I dream of producing all types of music from Broadway musical themes to folk music." Band members reacted «are you crazy? No one will buy an album with so many contrasts." They where right but I didn't mention I would produce albums. Today you could sell music without having to match a dozen of songs together. My goal is to produce songs from multiple influences and if no one asks me to make them by the dozen, I will be in random mode. Patrick Kelly's music space on Broadjam will cover just about anything with the exception or Rap and Bavarian-Punk. Have fun.

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