My name is Owen.
I do music for myself.
I do music for other artists.
I do music in many genres.
I do music for commercials.
I do music for video games.
I do music for film.
I do music because it's my first love.

Would you like me to do music for you?

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Hello all! I'm establishing a new Electronic home for Owen Sartori Music and Smart Pop Nation LLC. Check out my private tracks and commercial work!

Mini-Bio: Owen Sartori

Owen Sartori has been fronting CMJ charting rock outfits like Push and A Band Called Delicious for more than a decade, and enjoying the anonymity that goes with a band name. However, his work with ABCD garnered the attention of Milwaukee producer Daniel Holter, who convinced him to complete the new album under his label Burst Records... and under Owen's own name.

His style isn't exactly unfamiliar, just hard to nail down. Owen takes a kind of singer/songwriter craftsmanship and combines it with a self-deprecating lyrical wit that sometimes makes you wonder if he really wanted us to know so much about him.

Another Beautiful Day in the CUBE features help from some of the industry's heaviest session players and producers, like Kenny Aronoff (Alanis Morrisette, John Mellencamp), John Ferraro (Rod Stewart, Barry Manilow), Dave Marotta (Phil Collins, Manhattan Transfer), Chris Mosher (Sixpense None the Richer, Bon Jovi) and Tom Tucker (Prince, Lucinda Williams). Owen hopes his music will connect with, among others, cubicle-jockeys and the legions of under-paid, over-educated pop music lovers of generations X, Y and whatever's in between.

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Hey congrats on the top 10.....Rock Funk? rrealy? Wow

Hi Owen,
I appreciate your review of my song "I Make a Difference". I can tell that you actually did listen to the track from a constructive perspective, and your comments were helpful. Thanks again!


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Owen Sartori
over 30 days ago

I appreciate it, Frank. I'm sure you know, there are two big truths in the music industry. First, respecting the artist always pays dividends. Second, all criticism is an opportunity to learn and do better. Best of luck to you!

Terry Grinde
over 30 days ago to Owen Sartori

Hi Owen - Thanks for the nice review of "Regret (solo piano)". I have another version on my page with added horns, strings, and a remix with compression, effects, etc. that helps a little with the items you mentioned. I won't be able to get the actual sound I want for it until I hit the studio next month. Your input is much appreciated!
Good luck to you,
Terry Grinde

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Owen Sartori
over 30 days ago

Always, Terry. Good luck in the studio, and shoot me a line when it's done!

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