My name is Adam Csorghe. I'm 37 and live in Hungary. My interest in music started at a very early age and played in several bands as drummer, guitarist and keyboardist. I lived in Dublin, Ireland, for 10 years, where I actively studied and played music. Recently, I started working on my own material and been writing keyboard based instrumental tracks in diverse genres, such as, ambient, trip-hop, reggae and dance.

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Just some final touches needed and my new album of instrumental, keyboard based songs, "Urban escapes", is ready. I'm also in the process of getting a website up and running.


My name is Adam Csorghe. I live in Hungary and have been playing in bands as a drummer, guitarist and keyboardist since I was 14. I played in Hungary, and in Dublin, Ireland, where I lived for 10 years. I did numerous gigs and enjoyed playing with musicians in a wide range of genres, such as, rock, latin, reggae, and electronic. Recently started working on my own material. The tracks you can find on this site are instrumental, electronic tracks in diverse genres, such as, trip-hop, reggae, dance, experimental and ambient. Hope you'll enjoy my music:-)

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