David "la Mole" Ortiz is undeniably considered the Master of masters on the conga drum. He is the mentor and teacher of world renowned percussion artist like Giovanni Hidalgo, Richie flores, Antoni Carrillo, Jimmy Morales, and Willito Lopez just to name a few. Together with his Compadre David Cuevas on the bass, he has developed a new sound that seems to tantilize the listener. Performers include William Morel on tenor sax, Danny Hernandez on the keys, Giovanni Rivera on timbales, Willy Lopez on tumbador, Pablo Rosario on percussion, Jimmy Rivera on drums and Julio Vizcarondo on soprano sax. You can listen to more of David's Music at omegadrums.com.

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Listen to David's new CD teasers at http://omegadrums.com and see him in action at YouTube http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=david+la+mole+ortiz&search=Search
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