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Profile Generator In 1976 Nyki Lindsay King was born at St Marry's Hospital In Montreal. 4 years later his dad Eric George Lindsay AKA.. Youth Rass-E-Mung had him and his two brothers on stage performing Regaee, funk and R&B music as "THE KINGS BROTHERS" Because they were so young and had great talent some shows would result in autograph sessions for these youngsters. Although Nyki was never the lead vocalist because his father thought he was so full of harmony he'd be better off as backup. Kwame and Tarie his other two brothers shared the lead role. THE KINGS BROTHERS performed often in the 80's they shared the stage with Ken Boothe, Alton Ellis, Paula Clarke and many more. Their father always tried to influence them buying guitars, keyboards and even a drum kit so they could progress in the field he believed fit them. In "92' at 15 Nyki and his younger brother Tarie formed a rap duo "TWICE AS BAD" and released a 4 song demo that was recorded in Jamaica. This was the first creative projects they arranged in the studio with session players. Nyki continued to pursue and write to get more creative and in 1995 he fronted his first rock band "FRANTIC" with his younger brother Tarie playing on drums. They did manage to jam a crowded venue at Club Zone now called Club One on Dec 20th of 2000 The album Dinner At M'as was the first album released in 2000 featuring 10 songs In 2002 he teamed up with Tarie yet again, this time it was for a solo album that Nyki was working on called Coach Potatoe. Nyki arranged all the music by figuring it out on guitar and the words. The album it was released by SDR Music. In 2003-04 working on another solo project that was more mature, was put aside. He got an email one day to audition for yet another band called "ONE END LEFT" For some reason he said whynot. The first time meeting he went over a few songs, this was nothing new to Nyki , but singing somebody elses tunes wasn't what he wanted. Due to Nyki being humble working on any project, ONE END LEFT almost wasn't Interested in what might have made this band stride. Over all other auditions he was still first and began to work with ONE END LEFT releasing the EP Don'T Box Me In to the Grageband.com audience won Nyki the male vocal award 3 weeks in a row. Although He only performed and didn't write dont box me in. A few months later the band decided to change their name to "MAGDALEINA" Nyki is currently working on a solo album to be released in early 2007

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