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Currently working on animated short film, Hurricane Butterfly, music videos, Brooklyn To Oakland and Once Upon A Time.

Crime Costs (Fall of Casal)

Former Brooklyn, NY native and now Oakland, CA resident, Nolos Quinn releases his first single and latest 3D animation, 'Crime Costs (Fall of Casal)'. The debut single and music video tells the story of Casal, who out of desperation, attempts to survive in an unforgiving city. The single and music video is in response to the glorification of crime and corruption in society.

'Crime Costs (Fall of Casal)' is the side story of one of the characters from the 3D animated feature length film, 'Cove County Afternoon', currently in production and is also being produced by Nolos Quinn. The single was created as a way to help raise funds for the film. The music video can be seen on YouTube and is currently a Featured Video at and The single is available at iTunes,, and other online digital music outlets.

Both single and music video were produced and recorded by Nolos Quinn at his home project studio. The single was produced using Cakewalk Sonar 8.5. The music video was produced using Moviestorm, Smith Micro Poser 8 and Daz Studio 3.

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