nexus x is an electronic music artist.

He has worked with visual and recording artists in New York and Tokyo.
Recently, he has been working on commercial projects.

Started in the middle of '80s.
He experienced creating music with electric instruments such as Roland SH-101, JX-3P, Juno-60,
TB-303, TR-606, Korg DW-8000 when he was a teenager.

Late '90s, he played in an Acid Jazz band as a guitarist.
After having sesions in different kinds of bands,
he started to produce music.

He has attended college to learn music theory and recording techniques.

"I try to keep my creation simple.
I usually don't make complete tracks because keeping some space for listners makes
people think." Keias East says.
He continues, "there are so many songs that are perfectly completed.
That is a beautiful thing. I love to listen to all kinds of music.
However, when I make music, I wanna create something different from others.
That is my desire."
  • Member Since: 2005
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