Welcome to my bio. I'm a native New Yorker, now living in LA. My music is really a collage of styles. In my catalogue of songs, you'll find some powerful pop ballads, emotional instrumentals, New Age, touches of jazz and even a little samba! If you give a listen, you'll see that I tend towards acoustic, ethnic and orchestral instruments. You'll also note that some of the lyrical pieces are finished works and others are for demo purposes only...each song is noted as such.

Although my music is greatly influenced by orchestral "modernists," especially by the likes of Yanni, I tend to write more developed melodies than you would find in New Age music. My mentor, Molly Leiken (multiple Grammy writer), has said that I'm a "highly gifted composer," and that has led to writing music for some great local lyricists.

My goal is to continue placing my music in movies and TV venues...My dream, would be to have one of my tunes used as a TV show theme song! :-)
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