Electro-pop duo.

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#8 Billboard Uncharted 50 (November 16, 2011)
#4 Billboard Next Big Sound 25 (June 2, 2011)

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Neoclubber: The Story

The evening was coming, the most beautiful evening in her life. Smiling of bliss, sitting on the sea beach, she thoughtfully watched the fading sun trying to catch its movement.

She left all the fuss of her world behind and let all her fears go away. Her breast was overfilled with light and joy and she began to sing, she sang something that was absolutely harmonious with this sundown. The sound of her voice sank in the sounds of nature. The words were just the accidental number of sounds but the only one phrase constantly and invariably repeated - it's another World - and she believed that she was in a wonderful and magical world.

He saw her lonely silhouette in the rays of the dying sun. She seemed to be an unreal and unearthly figure on the background of the sea waves. He came to her closer and heard her hardly audible singing, but he distinctly caught the timbre of her voice and gentle and pleasing touch of singing. She didn't know that she sang well and he told her about that. And he didn't know that having heard her voice he'd make an absolutely other music. When she stopped singing, the sun stopped shining and irrevocably ceased. And everything sank into darkness.

He joked saying that if she didn't sing something in the morning, the sun would never risen up. So, it was very important for them to save the planet and soon the first song, dedicated to their fabulous meeting under the name "ANOTHER WORLD" was born.

The name of their project will arise a week or two later. Neoclubber.


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over 30 days ago to Neoclubber

Got the chance to review one of your productions i must say that's some top stuff.Please feel free to keep upto date with future drumschool releases via my broadjam profile page.

rp music
over 30 days ago to Neoclubber

I wanted to say hello and hope that you're doing fine!

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