Nathan is composed of one person: Nate Plutzik. He is a singer/songwriter, who also is a multi instrumentalist. He plays and features himself in every aspect of every song. Including but not limited to vocals, piano/keys, guitar, bass, drums, recorder, and synths.
His music focuses on Love, Love Lost, and Time. The stories of people living their lives.. Music is the way to speak to the soul. And the answer to life's deepest questions.


Nathan is composed of one member. He is a part of a DC based music collective with 50 a multi instrumentalist and composer, Nathan features himself with one or two other musicians on each song. Sometimes not. He plays keys, guitar, sings, bass, electronica...and a few other random instruments.
I write about the poetry of life and music. About life and death. Love and love lost. Joy and Sorrow...I find that lifes deepest questions can be answered not with words...but with music.

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