Russian Singer/Actress Natalia Nazarova and the Orbert Davis Quartet
with additional strings and musicians brought in to complete orchestra

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Natalia Nazarova is represented by Arizona attorney Elliot Grysen and in Moscow by Larissa Isaeva of Actors Agency Max. Media relations are provided by Bobbi Marcus of Bobbi Marcus Public Relations, Los Angeles, California. For additional information or interviews contact Mr. Grysen in America at (800) 727-1470, or visit or

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Natalia Nazarova is a Russian Actress/Singer living and performing in Moscow. Her work in Russian films and theatre has caused the Moscow press to refer to Natalia as the "Russian Julia Roberts."

Natalia Nazarova's exciting American Singing debut is set gem-like in the compositions and arrangements of Chicago virtuoso trumpeter Orbert Davis and his producer Mark Ingram. After the briefest of musical introductions, they fashioned a series of hip settings to highlight the pure toned playfulness of Nazarova's classically trained singing.

A singer prays for days like this.

"A lot of this music Natalia's never experienced," says producer Mark Ingram of the blues, improvisational jazz, Brazilian music, and romantic or catchy pop numbers he and Davis created for "Listen With Your Heart." The high production values of pop prevail on the intimate, acoustic music. "She's heard some of the styles, but she's never really experienced any of it."

1999 found this Russian actress in Chicago. With six years of vocal training preparing her to play opera roles such as Rossini's "Cinderella," Nazarova as a performer first encountered American
forms and styles of music with this album. Rossini is among her favorite composers, while Cecilia Bartoli and Teresa Berganaca are among her favorite operatic voices.

Nazarova's singing education melded the child-like playfulness in her upper register with the adult low tones of her voice from earth mezzo-soprano. Vocal tuition from

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