The early 80's was the ignition and spark for Nathaniel Killins IV a.k.a. Naquil (Na-keel). The infectious sounds of Kraftwerk, Arthur Baker and Soulsonic Force implanted electronic seeds that would sprout artistic,idealistic branches in a young teenage mind.From that initial exposure Naquil started street dancing (waving,popping,locking,funkateering,&breakdancing)which soon aroused his curiosity of the electronic music from what he danced to. At age 16 Naquil recieved his first electronic keyboard for christmas,(portable casio),soon after a yamaha portasound.
During this time while dancing with fellow breakdancers in a basement he heard the production of “Mantronik” of the rap duo “Mantronix” which proved to be the greatest influence to Naquil musically.Future influences also played a part in the 80's Herbie Hancock’s “rockit” and Paul Hardcastle’s “rainforest” presenting a more harmonic and jazzy presence.


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