Muller and Patton Productions is a prolific producing / composing team based in Cebu, Philippines, who have written for and produced many established international Artists.

Jaye Muller and Ben Patton met in 2002, two songwriters with similar tastes and personalities. After playing in each other's bands, they decide to collaborate on a duo album, simply called "Muller and Patton", which lead to four more ambitious duo albums and a live concert DVD. In 2009 they formed "Muller and Patton Productions", to produce and write music for other Artists. Jaye and Ben are currently based in Cebu, Philippines.

Jaye Muller was born in Berlin, East Germany, and first received international attention with his controversial 1990's hit album "We Are the Majority".

Ben Patton was born in Vermont, USA, and has released five acclaimed solo albums and a solo concert DVD, and also been a prolific composer of musical theater songs.
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