My name is Tim Harris, I'm 33 and live in Hillingdon, West London. I have been writing and performing my own songs for about the last 4 years. I try to draw on real life experiences for my songs either about things that have happened to me or stuff that is happening around me. I go by the name Monkey G.T.H. Why/ because the song Monkey gone to heaven by the pixies is one of my favourite songs. Not only is it brilliant but when I saw the pixies at Reading 2001 and I was at the front of the crowd with my mates and when they played that song everyone just went mental and is now one of my favourite memories.

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I will be busking in Uxbridge Town centre this Saturday raising money for cancer research.

Monkey G.T.H.

Conceived at the free Windsor festival in the summer of 1974 by an intergalactic space alien called to earth by Hawkwind and a young Hippy earth woman, nine months later Monkey G.T.H was born. Not knowing what to do with the saviour of music Monkey G.T.H was abandoned in the New Forest where he was brought up by squirrels. After living with the squirrels and learning their secrets for 18 years Monkey left the forest to wonder the world with only the secret laws of the squirrels and his guitar for companions. Then one day he happened by chance to come across Owls World. A wonderful place of music, poetry and comedy. Owl the ruler of Owls World introduced Monkey to many singers, musicians, poets and comedians who helped Monkey find his way in the world of music. When Monkey G.T.H is not performing he can be found in the holiest of places 'The Library'. A building that holds the secret knowledge of everything and nothing. Monkey under the false name of Tim Harris has been working there for nearly 8 years and is one of the senior guardians of the library. His music idols are David Bowie, Nirvana, Steeleye Span and the White stripes. On a serious note I write my songs about what is wrong with this once great country and the troubles we have in life. I am now rerecording my songs with the help of my good mate Pye-Eyed Paul who is producing and mixing my tunes. NEW NEWS!!!!!!! I entered two of my songs in the UK song writing contest. 'Talking to a stranger got a semi final certificate and 'GoodBye Britain got a commended certificate. Watch this space for more news.

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