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For years, independent hip-hop artist, Midas The King, has been crushing the mic with his catchy flows and ?off-beat? topics. In 2007, after perfecting his craft as part of The Movement rap group, he decided to get more personal with his audience and start his solo career. His clever rhymes and concepts keep listeners on their toes and even make his producers wonder what he?ll come up with next. Midas The King handles his business from the street to the recording studio. He?s one of, if not the most, versatile hip-hop artist in the game right now. Whether it?s freestylin? on the block or making hit records, Midas still amazes his audience with his intelligent lyrical ideas. He?s deemed by his peers as one of the most well-rounded lyricist?s, with capabilities of taking his rhymes to the street, club, east coast, west coast, or down south, all while maintaining his own unique style. Now, with a new production agreement with Equilibrium Entertainment, LLC, Midas The King has everything in place to take his music to new heights. He?s currently working on his first solo album, ?The Gold Standard?, with Equilibrium Entertainment?s elite production team Da Illfellaz, consisting of Nomics and DJ Deuce. Make sure you keep an ear to the ground for the industry?s best kept secret, Midas The King. www.midastheking.com coming soon. Stay tuned for more....

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