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A square peg in a round hole just trying to fit in. Genre non-specific, acoustic and a novice at that.
I started writing songs out of the blue, first one in May of '07 and have tapped into some crazy energy, I just can't stop. I've been averaging 2 new songs a month. It's amazing and I'm trying to enjoy every minute of it, in case the well dries up as quickly and mysteriously as it appeared.
*I'm available for Solo Performance, Performance with additional showcasing of another local raw talent, Open Mic Hosting, and for local Senior Centers & Senior Living Communities: Open Mic Variety Show and Musical Companionship visits.

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Michel Rae Driscoll - Bio

Michel Rae Driscoll, a singer-songwriter living in Brookfield, CT. Her songs are inspired by her own experiences in life, and mid-life (crisis - for the most part) and very often by the lives of the Senior Citizens she goes to, providing musical companionship, something she offers through her business "A Feel Good Life".

With a clear, pure sound, Michel sings from her soul to yours. Sure to touch your heart strings with songs full of love, hope and inspiration. Michel had to overcome some stage fright hurdles to pursue her business ideas. She found exactly what she needed in a crazy little coffee shop in Bethel, CT. Molten Java offered up an audience that was appreciative, supportive and most of all forgiving. In March of 2007 Michel had her first open mic experience. Hands shaking uncontrollably, she was unable to play the guitar, but thanks to a lady in the audience she was spurred on to keep singing the song. Michel was determined and went back week after week feeling more and more confident each time. The fellow musicians she listened to unknowingly planted little seeds of inspiration and within 2 months Michel showed up for open mic debuting her first original. This was in May of 2007, 16 months later Michel has 30 songs under her belt. In the coming year she hopes to do some studio recording and to introduce a new aspect of her business, "The Gift of Song" in which she will be offering to write songs based on YOUR life stories and love stories for a truly unique gift giving experience, a musical keepsake.

Call Michel if you are interested in booking her for a Performance. She is also available for Hosting Open Mic, bringing open mic to seniors (a variety show format offered to Senior Centers and Senior Living Communities) and as an amateur talent scout is also looking to perform and share the stage with a Showcased performance by raw local talent.

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