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Dianne MacAdam
over 30 days ago to Michael Dean

Hi Michael, Thank you so much for your review of "Only Human" as well as your comments sent afterwards. You were so thorough on your review, and I totally agree with you on the instrumentation and recording quality. I actually have a beautiful piano track recorded in a studio just waiting for the vocal track, but quite frankly I'm chicken.

I truly appreciate the time you took to provide your extremely helpful feedback. Your song Michelangelo is lovely.

All my best to you,

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Michael Dean
over 30 days ago

Noooo... Don't be chicken! The vocal and lyrics were, by far, the best things about that recording. I think you'll find inspiration in that piano part and sing it even more beautifully (and confidently) than before!
Best of luck with it and thanks for listening to my song... :0)

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