A songwriter who finds peace and fulfillment in writing about everyday and family life. I like to say that my songs are family albums put to music. Songs from home.

I know enough guitar to play and write (my therapy) and then work with some music folks to produce. The true payoff comes when my work is listened to. I have been married to my wife of some 37 years, and have two adult daughters who have been a blessing to raise (not easy...but a blessing!). I have three grandaughters and a grandson on the way--proving that God sees me (what a joy!).  Our home has become a place where our kids come back to, and where our grandkids play.

Life gets sweeter.

Spent some 20-plus years in ministry and I am humbled and honored to have "walked' with folks and am continually taken by the endless love and workings of God. Although life is full of valleys, there is joy in the journey.

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