Mark Anderson graduated from the Northwestern School of Professional Washroom Attendants in 1991 and embarked upon a storied career that lasted nearly six years. The advent of the electric hand-dryer, however, had significant impact upon his profession and he was forced to take up the next best thing - guitar player. Mark says: "The pay is about the same, as is the amount of prestige."

night and day posted on 2/18/06

I've uploaded another song from "Cue Stick." It's a version of "Night And Day" that I think came off fairly well.

Songs posted 2/12/06

These three songs (All Of You, How About You, and Nardis) are from a CD I recorded in 2002. I am set to record another CD this year (06) which will be a trio consisting of myself, Steve Garrington on bass and Eric Pollard on drums. The new CD will contain quite a few originals as I've been doing a lot of writing lately. Watch for my website (where other recordings, lead sheets, scores, etc will be available for download) coming soon.


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