Lonnie Prachyl is a songwriter, singer, guitarist and producer. He has been playing guitar since he was 16. Lonnie has a unique style and has different songs that touch on different moods. He currently has 3 albums out "My Fine Wine", "Returnz" and "Lonnie Prachyl's Back".
Lonnie claims "I like alternative music that's done precisely how that artist wants it..that includes it's structure and his ability to make it sound different than the others.It's all about the magic.

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LONNIE PRACHYL'S BACK was recently released. I completed it on my Birthday 8-25-07.
I like to break the rules and be innovative and original..If you told Led Zeppelin or Pearl Jam that all of their music must be a certain "basic" structure..you know what they would say back to you?

Lonnie Prachyl

I'm an artist that's originally from the Dalla area, but I have lived in Waco,Texas for over 10 years now. I am unique in the sense that I soley write, sing, play instruments and produce my music. I don't subscribe to mainstream music so much..I don't like to be told how to create my art. I don't think all music should have a set structure that everyone abides by...even if it is how you are "supposed to do it". To back me up on this, listen to some of Led Zeppelin's songs. Listen to Pearl Jam..They don't follow the rules on all of their songs either.. Anyways I have a wide variety of music that hits different moods. I hope you enjoy.

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