A 90s style Rock four-piece rooted in melodic intricate riffs and up-tempo syncopation, looking to grow the local music scene through active awareness and live performances. We want to break the mold of the generic, formulaic sound of the radio by offering a familiar yet somewhat dying sound. Our focus is on musicianship and our mission is to Keep Rock Alive!

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Check-a-check-a-check it out ya'll. We welcome our new lead singer SKYYLAR PELOUS! His kick ass vocal prowess will be available on our upcoming album soon!

Check out our new acoustic album Backwater Slides - Acoustic Indifference at www.cdbaby.com/cd/liquidkings

"Rock and Roll with bite, energy

Liquid Kings is a four piece rock and roll band that "can be described with the single word 'rock'. The Portland-based band eschews punk's savage efficiency, saving space for sprawling solos, and it replaces metal's growling menace with vocal vulnerability." - The Portland Mercury.

Consisting of Adam Byrne on drums, Jimi Gutino on vocals, Tye Lewman on guitar and Chris McDonnell on bass, Liquid Kings is finishing up their long awaited Self Titled LP that is due out in Spring of 2009. The band's music, recorded in their personal studio, Leviathan Studios; has been described as "Rock and Roll with bite, energy and searing guitar solos...high energy music with phenomenal vocals...metaphorical pyromania". Lewman, the main song writer and guitarist for the band says that "the goal of Liquid Kings is to break free of the repetitive and watered down sound of the radio. Our mission is to steer the focus back on to the music and to resuscitate the rock scene through live performances and local awareness."

Liquid Kings' music has reached the Oregon Top 10 list on the website www.broadjam.com two separate times (Silent Hole and Loaded Gun). The band has been featured on 3 independent short films (Deja Vu, One and a Quarter, and Artificial Echoes) and has earned numerous awards through garageband.com, most recently winners of Track of the Day on May 22, 2009 and Best Guitars for the week of Mar 23, 2009 (both for the song Shadow Mind). During the summer of 2007 Liquid Kings was proud to headline the Movies in the Parks shows put on by Portland Parks & Recreations. The band received great exposure to a wide range of audiences while simultaneously giving back to the community.

According to Crave Magazine, Liquid Kings is "a fantastic representation of what NW rock is doing" and LSF Presents adds "they're from Portland and they're headed for bigger places."

Liquid Kings continues to play "lumberjack rock and roll" throughout the Northwest and looks forward to experiencing new venues; bringing forth "attention demanding" rock music that can be enjoyed by a diverse range of individuals.

Keep rock alive!


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