Adhering to the spotlightas true-life pioneers and being vastly inventive in the rap diversion, "Lil' City" is a powerful group from down south. Eliciting their own style in their expertise, "D.J. Nemisis","Big Coop","Ms. Trena Tex","D-Ro","Big G" & newcomer "Phil Jack" combines a stimulating surge with exhilarating rhythms to compose a sound that's solid and "hard-hitting". Being motivated by the reminiscence of "Earth, Wind & Fire", "Tupac", and "Dr. Dre", Lil' City depicts an extraordinary alluring portrayal to patrons all over the world. Take a moment and enjoy a unique down south creaton............."Lil' City Fam"!

Lil' City Fam!

Lil' City is really a small town called Beaumont. Located in the southern part of Texas, it has brought fame to a few people that some may or may not recognize by name. Ugk, the most recognizable , are from Port Arthur ,Tx which is maybe 10 or 15 miles from Beaumont. Not to far, you may say right in each others backyard. Another is Wreckshop Records which is owned by D-Reck Dixon. A native of Beaumont who ventured into the area of Houston and stumpled onto a click of guys who called themselves the screwed up click. Wreckshop put out such acts as Fat Pat (R.I.P.), Big Moe (R.I.P), ESG & Pimp Tyte. Legendary Dj Screw (R.I.P) was always seen touring with Wreckshop before his passing.A few more notables would probably be blues singers but all were long ago. Some with hits we can't remember.

With all of that just around the corner, there's not one person that has made a major step claiming Beaumont as home. It's a shame i know but, there's a lot of good undiscovered talent in this small town. It just seems to keep getting passed over for some reason.

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