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In just a short time, This native from Brooklyn, NY has had his share of success in Music Remixing Competition. Mr. Raul Santos aka "LatinSaint" has taken the Remix World by storm with his Artistic and unlimited approach to his music creativity. He first tried his way at remixing by participating in his very first remix contest at Sony's website. On his very first try, he came in 2nd in the contest. Since then, he has particpated in almost 90 remix contests and has had numerous success as a finalist or runner up. His so called "LatinSaint Style" in which he proudly displays in his music titles, represents his love and "unique" approach to his music compositions. His Family of Puerto Rican descent, has raised him to appreciate all kinds of music from carribean, folk, pop, jazz, and so many other genres. Unlike other artist who only seem productive in certain genres, LatinSaint has been credited to remix songs in almost 30 or so genres including Jazz, House, Alternative, Latin, Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop, New Age, R&B, Down Tempo, Funk, Metal, Soul, Techno, Country just to name a few. He is also a accomplished percussionist playing instruments like bongo, conga, timbales and other carribean instruments. Here is a list of some of his latest accomplishments:
3rd Place Winner of Anevis Music Contest!
2nd Place Winner of Next Kind of Blue "So What" Remix Contest
2nd Place Winner of Next Kind of Blue "Freddie Freeloader"Remix Contest
Top Twenty Finalist of the Latin Music Artists Composition Contest!
Finalist of the Gene Simmons Remix Contest!
2nd Runner Up The Real Tuesday Weld Contest!
3rd Place DoomTree Remix Contest!
4th Runner Up Dierdre Remix Contest!
ElectricNoel6 Honorable Mention Runner Up!
Top 10 Winner of "Copyright Criminals" Remix contest at website.
2nd Runner up "Karsh Kale" Remix Contest!
3rd Place Finalist at "Johnny Wildfire" Remix Contest at AfterShock Records UK!
2nd Runner up Finalist at "DJ Rap" Remix Contest at AP.
As of this notice, his Remix "Copyright Criminals LatinSaint Style" will be recorded on a Companion Music Album of a DVD Movie Titled "Copyright Criminals". Also, his remix Ilona Europa LatinSaint Style will also be released on a Compilation Album of Ilona's Remixes. Raul is also a College Graduate from NY Technical College and is a Certified Network Technician for the NY State Supreme Court.
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