A few years back I was supposed to have a mid-life crisis so I wrote a String Quartet instead. I entered a New Music Competition and came in second which let me submit some new pieces to friends and associates. I was lucky enough to have a few of them performed throughout my area by some great musicians, so after some swell audience response and peer support I decided to start studying composition to improve my writing skills. This turned out to be fortunate since during the past twenty years I was a carpenter, part time ranch-hand and full time husband/father which all contributed to my shoulder getting 'tore up'. I healed it without surgery but realized that I may never hammer or throw a cow pie again... Could I make a living as a Composer and Performer? Would my wife Suzy smile at me and say "Go take a cold shower"? As it turns out, Suzy loves me and is so supportive that she told me to "Go for it". How can a fellow say "No" to that?!
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Lars Michnevich
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Lars, I see you did a review of my classic "Summertime"...I listened to it with my earphones and didn't seem to have a problem that you had. but glad you liked what you heard...I have a contemporary version on my site if you want to give a listen...again thank you. a friend in music.

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Lars, Thanks for the review of "Before the World stops Spinnin"! Yes, it was purposely recorded to reflect the atmosphere of New Orleans! catnip

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Then you succeeded! I also just thought of an older song, (I'm 65!) called "Soul Finger" by the Bar-Kays with audience sounds like being at a party!

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